Vicki Banks was commissioned to sculpt a life-sized harpy eagle for installation at Zoo Miami in 2014. The sculpture is a tribute to the Zoo's involvement in the Harpy Eagle Project in Panama, as well as to conservationist Ron Magill who championed the effort.

Plaque Text: 
"In 1993, Zoo Miami initiated a relationship with the government of Panama in a collaborative effort to raise awareness about the harpy eagle through a national grass-roots campaign that would eventually result in the species becoming an iconic symbol of that country's natural heritage.

As part of that effort, a world-class center for the harpy eagle was constructed just outside of Panama City in 1998. In 2002, Zoo Miami played a critical role in lobbying the Panamanian government to pass a law officially declaring the harpy eagle as the National Bird of Panama.

On September 22, 2009, Zoo Miami experienced its first successful hatching of a harpy eagle and in honor of this international conservation partnership, the chick was named 'Panama'.

On August 30, 2013, 'Panama' was flown to the Republic of Panama as part of a breeding loan and presented to the people of Panama to live in the Harpy Eagle Center as a symbol of hope for the future of this majestic raptor.

This bronze sculpture of 'Panama' done by artist Vicki Banks was commissioned by The Clinton Family Fund as a tribute to the Harpy Eagle Project in Panama and in honor of Ron Magill whose vision, passion, determination, and leadership were instrumental to its success. 2014"


photo 2.JPG


Vicki's husband Paul Shardlow shows off a job well done, post-installation of this commission: a flock of bronze crows adorning a customer's waterfall.

family tree.JPG


Vicki Banks incorporated a unique tower of intertwined branches into this commissioned piece, perfectly framing a family of crows who appear to call back and forth to one another from their various perches.

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